Not Just a Writer, But an Artist Too

Your dearly beloved Velveteen is not only a writer and occultist, but an artist too.

It has recently come up again that I should return to painting, and more specifically a project I had started last year but not finished. If finished is such a thing with art.

What I mean is sigil paintings. More specifically paintings that can be used for meditation, summoning, turned into portals, vessels etc… For witches and occultists, or for collectors who just like what they look like and what they stand for.

brush painting color paint
Photo by Daian Gan on

My focus would be on the goetia as well as angelic sigils or names. No I will not be binding any entity to them. They won’t be magickal in the sense that I’m casting a spell on them. That is up to you to do. Just like a plain wax candle isn’t anything but a bringer of light until you baptise it or give it purpose in a working.

As a side note, I have not and will not cast on my stories. Some authors do to increase readership or to protect their works from piracy. However I will not as I don’t think casting on my stories to then cast on people is ethical. Some may have a differring opinion. You should not cut corners, since it will catch up to you. No, not Karma, but the consequences of your actions. (I actually do not believe in Karma or the law of return). If you’re a crap writer, eventually it will show. Spirits have a knack for “revealing” issues at the worst possible times. Or is it best times?

Anyway, I will preview my work here. I am still debating whether I will post to my Etsy store (Velveteen Black on Etsy) for a sales platform or if I will do it through my site or social media. Yes I will take custom requests within reason. However do not expect me to sell an original painting, during which I summon spirits, for $50. We’re talking more in the range of $250 to $300. I take it seriously and it is incredibly draining to do. I have built relationships with some spirits (which you should do anyway if you petition entities), and therefore know that respect is needed for these things. And selling their representation for pennies (Yes $50 is pennies for original art), not only insults your work but them as well.

Photo by OVAN on

My next installment of Children of the Dark Gods will continue to follow Shanaya on yet another erotic adventure where she will meet with competing clans of shifters, who will both lay claim to her. However, Shanaya has her own idea about how to resolve their differences. Hot stuff. Still interracial erotica, still fantasy, still paranormal romance.

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